Evidence from the composite illusion. Second, given that human bodies and faces cause similar inversion effects, I further hypothesized that these effects should occur under low, perceptual load but not high perceptual load. Log In Sign Up. Attention was manipulated for first presentations of these stimuli and effects of distractor repetition were investigated. A second stage is being termed holistic processing. Mohamed PhD Thesis entitled” the Role of attention in perceiving social information:

Inversion effects were separately investigated for intact human bodies and faces Exp. Body parts such as hands convey important information about social states of the person. Regions sensitive to processing of human bodies include the extrastriate body area EBA , located in the right lateral occipito-temporal cortex see Fig. Study II additionally investigated effects of stimulus orientation and compared unfamiliar faces and unfamiliar human bodies, either presented intact or perceptually manipulated. Some studies have reported repetition effects in terms of reduced N for repeated vs. In the current thesis, processing of these stimuli under perceptual load is addressed.

Cornell university dissertation admissions address text creative writing ks3 ideas? However, IEs have been reported in both ehrenwörtlichr and electrophysiological research for human bodies Reed et al. Accordingly, N mean amplitude is increased due to the additional contribution of activation from the eye neurons. Research has shown that human bodies and faces may be prioritized for attentional selection, when compared to other objects.

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Study II tested the combined effects of selective attention and inversion in processing of irrelevant distractors unfamiliar faces and human bodies. Idssertation human brain is expected to respond to irrelevant information even if people intended to ignore them, but according to perceptual load theory this is supposed to occur only under conditions of low perceptual load.


Cerebral Cortex, 4, In principle, some motion cue within a body could thus explain the inversion effects that were found in the present experiments for intact and headless bodies. The P has been shown to be sensitive to changes in basic visual stimulus properties such as contrast, luminance and spatial frequency Schendan et al. In contrast, face-selective neuron dissertatlon respond both to isolated face parts such as eyes, as well as to whole faces Perrett et al.

The effect of face inversion on activity in human neural systems for face and object perception.

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P The earliest ERP component of interest in the context of face and body processing is the P component -a positive-going deflection over the occipital medial brain region. Interestingly, inversion of human bodies elicited a similar pattern of inversion as faces, both behaviorally Reed et al. Electrophysiological studies of human face perception.

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Finally, the LNC exhibited a strong effect of load with larger negativity under low load compared to high load for all distractors types and both intact stimuli and manipulated stimuli.

Structural encoding and identification in face processing: Under high load, an increased N should occur for aligned, but not for erhenwörtliche houses or faces.

Load had little overall effect on N amplitudes.

The core of social cognition. Parts and Wholes in Face Recognition.

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P The earliest ERP component of interest in the context of face and body processing is erkläruung P component -a positive-going deflection over jdna occipital medial brain region. Despite the variety in terms of color, texture and ehrenwörtlche, we are usually able to differentiate between these stimuli and recognize many of them. Event-related brain potentials distinguish processing eyrenwörtliche involved in face perception and recognition.


Featural and configurational processes in the recognition of faces of different familiarity. Up-to-date, no study has measured brain activity using ERPs for dissociating effects of load on irrelevant social stimuli dhrenwörtliche from faces i. Cerebral Cortex, 15, Cognitive model of face perception from Schweinberger. Subjects were instructed to detect occasional butterflies to ensure that participants attended to the probe presentation.

Farben-Mitarbeitern Dokumente zu I. In general, the Nr has been related to the transient activation of face representations or face recognition units Schweinberger et al. Face recognition model, as suggested by Schweinberger and Burton and enhanced by Schweinberger International Journal of Psychophysiology, 55, Summary Attention has become a particularly active and vigorous area of research in cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

In contrast, removing eyes prevents the activation of eye- selective neurons for the inverted presentations and only the reduction of the face-selective neurons causes the N70 reduction in this condition, resulting in the inverted inversion effect. ERP components reflecting stimulus identification: Psychological Research- Psychologische Forschung, 48,

ehrenwörtliche erklärung dissertation uni jena