And don t forget your phone numbers and Email as well! Behavioural Processes, 33, Although a decline in recognition memory has also been reported for inverted presentations of other categories of mono-oriented objects such as houses, this inversion effect was much larger for faces than for objects Yin, Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 8, Psychological Research- Psychologische Forschung, 48, In the present study, distractor faces, body parts and houses were then followed by a a repetition of the distractor stimulus, b a new exemplar from the same category as the distractor, or c a butterfly, to which participants responded.

This visual information includes many of the visual stimuli such as faces and human bodies. It has been argued that inversion of faces disrupts the processing of configural information in faces see section 1. Specifically, I assume that head-selective neurons are inhibited in the context of upright human bodies and are released from inhibition when human bodies are inverted, resulting in the increased negativity of the N1 component see Fig. However, IEs have been reported in both behavioral and electrophysiological research for human bodies Reed et al. Candidates may be human bodies or other homogeneous objects such as landscapes Rhodes et al.

Early stages P of ehrnwörtliche perception in humans as measured with event-related potentials ERPs. In the following sections I will discuss the influence of configural processing and the role of prominent feature neurons as alternative explanations for the inversion effect.

The N modulations, i. Early electrophysiological responses to multiple face orientations correlate with individual discrimination performance in humans.

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The increase in N amplitudes to houses could be caused by a degraded representation of the house under high load, evoking a certain degree of face selectivity for the houses. Early face processing specificity: Inversion effects were elicited for both faces and human bodies irrespective of perceptual load, with increased N amplitudes for inverted than upright intact stimuli.


A critical common phenomenon observed for both faces and human bodies is the observation, that RTs and error rates are dramatically increased when pictures of these stimulus classes were presented in an upside-down orientation Reed et al. The distributed human neural system for face perception.

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Event-related potentials reveal sensory-level selection. N component was more negative for houses than faces or hands. Psychophysiology, 41, Still some unresolved questions related to the role of attention in human body and object perception and more general research questions regarding body processing will be briefly addressed in the following sections. dissertatioh

However, the load effect was slightly larger for faces than houses. Preserved encoding of ehrenwörtluche faces under high attentional load: It can also be activated by line drawings, stick figures or silhouettes of human bodies Downing et al. In the literature of human face perception, many studies have investigated the influence of face familiarity on the face- sensitive N Nr and N ERP correlates of immediate famous face repetition are independent of perceptual load.

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It has been argued that the disproportionate inversion effect observed for face can be considered as evidence for configural processing of faces Maurer et al. It has long erklrung debated whether or not attentional capacity is limited.

However, most studies that investigated a face and body perception focused on the few specific components described below. Recording standards and publication criteria.


ehrenwörtliche erklärung dissertation uni jena

Recent progress ehrenwwörtliche uncovering the networks involved in the perception of bodies and bodily expressions. Body parts such as hands convey important information about social states of the person. Study II tested the combined effects of selective attention and inversion in processing of irrelevant distractors unfamiliar faces and human bodies. Neuropsychological correlates of face recognition.

Are faces “special” objects? The model ehrenwörtlihce face processing for either upright different face stimuli vs. Comparable to faces, human bodies activate specific neuron population in inferior temporal cortex ITC Desimone et al.

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Nature Neuroscience, 7, Another question may be related to the influence of perceptual load on objects apart from houses. Suggested ehrenwöryliche model of body inversion effect. Although human body parts and faces have both been described to engage attention and to be classified faster than other objects Ro et al.

ehrenwörtliche erklärung dissertation uni jena

General Discussion The role of selective attention on the processing of social stimuli such as faces, human bodies and body parts is controversially discussed. Although a decline in recognition memory has also been reported for inverted presentations of other categories of mono-oriented objects such as houses, this inversion effect disxertation much larger for faces than for objects Yin,