I thought I read somewhere that most of the students are juniors? What does creative writing mean to you? Congrats on getting in! My heart felt heavy as I climbed inside. She said that we were finally finished.

She is the author of Apologia, a collection of poetry excerpted in various publications and online journals. If you’re looking for something on a resume and working hard, go for film. Brian — thank you for bringing Spark to the attention of our readers. The most connected, tighest, multi-talented, relaxed, and interesting people I’ve met included a lot of creative writers. By the end of the program I had written a two page nonfiction piece, a three page fiction piece, an epic poem, and a fifteen page one act play that I am really proud of. Although I enjoyed going out, I had to learn to balance my time. Eventually Gabi and Sophia separated from us because Cameron wanted more food.

Lastly, on Saturday mornings there would be a writers salon in which students are chosen to share their work with the entire creative writing department. Also I was able to get dinner with friends, have dance parties, and watch movies with friends from the theater to the animation department.

film/video v. creative writing – California State Summer School for the Arts

I talked with her for csssz bit and Minke came in later a lot later hmm… and I was struggling to work on my nonfiction piece. I think either would help my resume anyhow. Did u ever get to go shopping? I used that free time to just relax and be alone. I am forever grateful for everything I was able to learn and achieve in this program.


First of all, congrats! The point was for the effects of the video to make us feel a certain way and effect our writing. We continued work shopping expdrience pieces and we surprisingly spent a lot of time on mine.

Then there were people cleaning out their rooms so they brought a shit ton of snacks and we sort of had this hall party. Sorry, lots of questions!

I got into CSSSA for the creative writing – my csssa experience

The potato wedges, while they smelled good, where atrocious. There were plenty of hugs exchanged and I felt the lump in my throat again. I’m looking for inputs on creative writing, which will help to write better content. If you’re looking for inner self-discovery and lots of friends and connections, go for creative writing. Final five plays were performed and critiqued. We were only allowed ten minutes and we had to go back to the classroom. I then walked back out in the hallway where I had more people sign my anthology book.

We went back to the cafeteria and I gasped as I saw they were not serving potato wedges now but French fries. Whatever you choose will be amazing. As time passed more of our friends joined us. She asked if I was going to the open mic and I said yes as she changed clothes and cssxa her csssq. Being a calfornia arts scholar for creative writing is very applicable whereas if I had picked, say, dance lol I would look like a limber, albeit clueless, person.


CSSSA: An Introduction to College Life at Sixteen

More cheering and tons of laughter as I scuttled up there like a ccreative. She did so with almost a secretive smile and I felt my heart beating so fast.

csssa creative writing experience

I never knew I could admire someone that much, but I do. You dismissed this ad. Core is a foundational writing workshop that meets four mornings each week.

csssa creative writing experience

Personal essay, poetry, fiction, and dramatic writing. They won’t be easy on you, especially if you take creqtive core class with Tracy Gourdine or Zay Amsbury.

Group Work Every week students will work together on group projects. There were six judges and they all came writinb with a prompt each time. I went to CSSSA writihg for creative writing and I have to say that yes, that summer changed my life, and it also made me realize what I wanted to do in the future, which was writing. She was all packed up and said her dad was coming in fifteen minutes.