Check your programme specification for details. This is done at two levels: If you do not reference your work correctly, it will come across as if you have ‘stolen’ words or ideas from other sources. Failure to do so will prevent you from being able to take your examination. It is always obvious when a student has copied words from a text without referencing, as there is a change of writing style each time.

If you are a final year student from the BAME community and looking to work in communications, then read on! Enrolment on to a course has immediate cost implications and cancellation of study must be verified via the University withdrawal process and you will be charged a proportion of course fees. Failure to do so will not be an acceptable defence if you fail to comply with requirements. We are running the following It is very important that you are fully aware of these Regulations and that you follow them at all times.

Only final year students or students exiting the course will be sent results notification letters.

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You are strongly encouraged to refer to Uniiversity 7 of the General Regulations to ensure you are familiar with the full procedure, as well as Appendix 2 of the General Regulations which refers to the Code of Conduct. You must be aware that the University has Disciplinary Procedures to regulate student behaviour and ensure that student disciplinary matters are dealt with fairly and promptly. If you are eligible for a resit, you will be entered automatically for the resit s at the next cojrsework opportunity.

Student Handbook – Coventry University

This means that your image, details and email address will be available worldwide, including in countries where the rights of data subjects are not protected by law.

Furthermore, any alleged inadequacy of supervision or in other arrangements during a period of registration as a Coventry University student is not an acceptable reason to ask for a review and, if taken forward, would be cokrsework with as a complaint. Any student registered for fewer than credits is normally classed as part-time.


In control engineering, a discrete-time system has the following closed-loop transfer function: The University required you to provide consent to process your personal data as described above.

This also applies to such organisations that write essays, devise IT coding etc. Results remain unofficial and subject to change until confirmed by a PAB. Furthermore, any mode of attendance may be subject to monitoring e. If you are unsure, ask your module tutor.

This is a requirement of the procedures. A PAB considers the results of ccoursework student on a particular course and makes decisions on progression and awards.

coventry university nova coursework

Please note there are no early payment discounts or alumni discounts for students embarking on a part-time route. In brief, these procedures allow you to request: Either the average percentage mark of the credits worth of modules with the highest mark at level 3 or above Or the average percentage mark of the credits worth of modules with the highest mark at level 2 and above including a maximum of credits at level 2.

What are your conclusions? Whenever you use information from other sources you must document the source in two ways: Parents and Guardians Kindly note the University will not release information about students to parents or guardians.

Click here to sign up. You would therefore not be entitled to continue with your review or covntry.

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You will also still be liable for your accommodation costs. It also includes conduct which otherwise damages the University. Would you like to earn some money by being a data collation assistant at the University?


It is very important that you read them and continue to revisit them and understand your responsibilities during the course of your studies.

We are running the following Final year BAME student? This applies to behaviour in the University, and novz to all buildings and grounds belonging to or leased by or to the University, including residences and accommodation the Licence to Occupy relates and sporting facilities. If illness or other circumstances affect your ability to meet a deadline for handing in assessed coursework or your ability to sit an examination, you should consult the detailed guidance on the procedures for dealing with extenuating circumstances.

Student Handbook – Coventry University

Repeating one or more modules requires you to attend the module s again, i. Under the regulations that currently govern the Undergraduate Curriculum Framework, if you do not pass all of your modules the PAB will determine whether you may be reassessed by either resitting the assessment without re-enrolment on the module, or by repeating the whole of the module with a new enrolment which may be essential if it involves group, laboratory or studio work.

That fail will appear on your final transcript and you will not be eligible for a re-sit for that module. The credit rating for all modules is calculated according to total student effort expected for successful completion. In case of conflict of interpretation, the formal regulations take precedence.