Subtyping of the AWS has been attempted in the past, as Gross [ 7 ] conceptualized and proposed 3 constellations of alcohol withdrawal symptoms: The secondary objective was to assess safety and evaluate patterns of usage of the protocol, to determine areas for potential improvement. Likewise, for patients with comorbidities being treated in general hospital wards, symptom-triggered dosing regimens resulted in lower incidence of delirium tremens, shorter duration of benzodiazepine treatment, 8 and a lower total benzodiazepine dose. This type of regimen promotes real-time coordination of the benzodiazepine dose to the severity of symptoms. Clinical and Experimental Research. We examined the factor structure of the CIWA-Ar in a population of adult men hospitalized to a tertiary psychiatric institute for treatment of alcohol dependence.

In particular, a mean of 1. For comparison purposes, protocol use would have been warranted in all but one of the pre-protocol admissions. Admission with seizure or seizure disorder unrelated to alcohol withdrawal. Median duration of benzodiazepine therapy IQR h. Psychobiological contributions to the alcohol dependence syndrome:

This factor was in accordance to study of Pittman et al. Study sample includedonly male fulfilling ICD DCR World Health Organization [ 12 ] for alcohol dependence with currently withdrawal state, aged between 18 and 60 years, admitted within 24 hours of abstinence and patient himself or his guardian consenting for the study.

Most of the patients needed proton pump inhibitor drugs like pantoprazole or omeprazole for the alcohol induced dyspepsia, peptic ulcer disease, or gastroesophageal reflux icwa-ar, but these medications do not impose any effect on alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Median duration of benzodiazepine therapy IQR h.

ciwa-ar case study

A score greater than 15 points indicates severe withdrawal. Strength of our study includes large sample size and not interfering with any medications or management strategies thus providing setting of naturalistic conditions. However, the effects of a protocol combining fixed-schedule and symptom-triggered benzodiazepine dosing are less clear.


Median time from hospital admission to ordering of alcohol withdrawal protocol h. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. Presenting with delirium unrelated to alcohol withdrawal.

ciwa-ar case study

Two criteria for retaining the number of components were considered: A randomized double-blind controlled trial. Information on patient’s demographics, treatment history, past history, and family history was obtained from interviews with cade and accompanying person.

The Cronbach alpha for this factor was 0. In addition, a mean of 1. In a study vase medical and surgical inpatients, Hecksel and others 12 found that the protocol was inappropriately applied to more than half of the patients, many of whom were unable to respond reliably to the CIWA-Ar questions.

Factor Structure of CIWA-Ar in Alcohol Withdrawal

Also as both AWS medications and alcohol itself are CNS depressant and act in a similar way, either medication or alcohol intake cade not make much difference in clinical picture. This type of regimen promotes real-time coordination of the benzodiazepine dose to the severity of symptoms.

Subjects This was a cross-sectional hospital-based study, conducted at Centre for Addiction Psychiatry, Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi, India, vase tertiary care referral centre during May to June Subtyping of the AWS has been attempted in the past, as Gross [ 7 ] conceptualized and proposed 3 constellations of alcohol withdrawal symptoms: Treatment extended a median of Total ethanol consumption as a seizure risk factor in alcoholics.

The patients get admitted with varying lengths of abstinence, ranging from hours to days, so we initially took all the ratings of all the patients and arranged them as rating at first 6 hours of abstinence and at every six hours like at 6, 12, cwa-ar, 24, 30, 36, 42, stdy, 52, 58, and 64 hours till CIWA-Ar scoring reaches below stydy The incidence of severe complications of alcohol withdrawal, defined as hallucinations, use of restraints, admission to the intensive care unit ICUseizure, request for trained team response for behavioural emergency, delirium tremens, cardiovascular event, and death related to withdrawal, were also tabulated.


Several rating instruments have been used to measure severity of alcohol withdrawal [ 9 ]. A score of 9 to 15 points indicates moderate withdrawal.

Factor Structure of CIWA-Ar in Alcohol Withdrawal

Timing in Relation to Implementation of Protocol; No. Support Center Support Center. Of the admissions reviewed, were included after application of the inclusion and exclusion criteria Table 1. It probably represents mixed mechanism of CNS rebound hyperactivity along with adrenal hyperactivity.

In our setup, we use CIWA-Ar as part of the measure for the management of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In submitting their manuscripts, the authors transfer, assign, and otherwise convey all copyright ownership to CSHP. Published online Apr 6. A total of patients met the inclusion criteria. We evaluated the median length of time for the various steps leading to eventual administration of the alcohol withdrawal protocol Table 5. This study had several limitations, primarily because of its retrospective design ciwa-zr the fact that the 2 study groups were sampled from different periods in a nonrandomized fashion.