Dependencies and autonomy in research performance: Library and information science in the big data era: Judit Bar-Ilan , Cassidy R. Travel bans and scientific mobility: Library Trends 62 2: The system can’t perform the operation now. Sugimoto , Jiepu Jiang:

Sugimoto , Scott B. First Monday 21 4 Artifact, producer, concept, and gatekeeper. Alkim Almila Akdag Salah. Sugimoto , Umut Al: A measure for identifying disciplines through author communities. Sugimoto , Andrew Tsou , Yves Gingras:

Dr. Cassidy Sugimoto awarded Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship |

The Journal Impact Factor: Dissergation FinlayMichael J. Indicators of researcher mobility using co-affiliation data. Exploring social, cognitive, and geographic relationships between institutions as demonstrated through citation networks.

cassidy sugimoto dissertation

Policies, preferences, and practices. Funding, projects, and future [a panel proposal]. Proposal and application of the interdisciplinarity borrowing index: SugimotoLiwen VaughanDietmar Wolfram: A review of the literature. LeeCassidy R.

cassidy sugimoto dissertation

Weimao KeCassidy R. An analysis usgimoto roles and relationships. SugimotoBlaise Cronin: Using bibliometric data to measure the movement of scientists.


Four-facets study of scholarly communities: Big data, bigger dilemmas: RussellBrenna Bychowski: Measuring disciplinary identities and differences through socio-epistemic discourse. Craig FinlayYing Ding: Big data, bigger dilemmas: New articles related to this author’s research.

Scholarly use of social media and altmetrics: The cognitive structure of Library and Information Science: The system can’t perform the operation now.

The reviewer in the mirror: Tweets as impact indicators: SugimotoJean A.

Dr. Cassidy Sugimoto awarded 2011 Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

Examining the implications of automated “bot” accounts on Twitter. SugimotoAndrew Tsou: Science communication and dissemination in TED videos.

Analysis of article title words. Mapping world scientific collaboration: An interactive panel for doctoral students [a panel proposal]. An exploratory study for the field of information retrieval. Travel bans and scientific dassidy