At the time of this procedure, his urine appeared murky and was presumed to be infected and the lithotripsy was abandoned. Patient is hot and rigidity of lateral abdominal muscles. A 52 year old male with acute right flank pain presented to the emergency department. Homeopathy may be used as London: The patient was diagnosed with a right ureteric calculus and was managed further managed with pain Ketoroloc, Morphine and Naproxen and antiemetic medications. Mattle D, Hess B. The stone may be descending through right ureter.

Complaint has started gradually and was considered in the totality. Medical management of renal stone. Indian J Med Res ; Spectrum of stone of tuberculosis. McGraw-Hill Medical Publishing

Repertory of Miasms, Indian ed.

Recognized experiences renal stone disease at sometime causes of stone formations include — in their life with male — female ratio of 2: Urolithiasis ansqers often easily identified due to its classic presentation as is demonstrated in this case. The current belief is that microorganisms such as Oxalobacter formigenes are important for metabolising oxalate. As an alternative, a ureteric stent was placed to help drain the dilated and infected collecting system.

case study urolithiasis answers

Click here to sign up. A 52 year old male with acute right flank pain presented to the emergency department.

An atypical case of nephrolithiasis with transient remission of symptoms following spinal manipulation.


He just came to meet continue to drink moderate amount the doctor. He did not display any signs of edema or nausea, abdominal discomfort or indigestion.

Urolithiasis presenting as right flank pain: a case report

Incidental note is made of a probable pelvic phlebolith Arrow B that may be misinterpreted as a distal ureteric or bladder calculi. A ureteric calculus with associated hydronephrosis was identified and he was prescribed pain medications and discharged to pass the stone naturally.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Anil Xnswers, Deputy, Once the calculus has passed, management should focus on prevention. Complications of renal and ureteric calculi include: Patient came with members. Allen College of Homoeopathy Indian J Res Homoeopathy 1.

Management options follow two distinct routes. Indian J Res Homoeopathy ; He did not report experiencing any chest pain, dyspnea, fever or bowel and bladder dysfunction.

This case describes a patient with acute right flank and lower quadrant pain which was diagnosed as an obstructing ureteric calculus. Indian J Res Homoeopathy ;5: None, Conflict of Interest: Table 1 describes some common mechanical and visceral conditions which can present as abdominal, back, flank or groin pain.

Related articles Homoeopathy Nux vomica Urinary calculi. USG report onwhich showing Family history- Nothing contributory a calculus of 12 mm in middle calyx of right history found.

Prediction of success rate after extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy of renal stones — a multivariate analysis model. One day later, he returned to the emergency department with severe pain and was referred to urology. Prescription- As patient had no previous Personal history- Married, has one boy reports, so USG of whole abdomen was child; has good relation with family advised on With respect to calculi composed of calcium oxalate, the goal is to raise urine volume while decreasing calcium and oxalate excretion.


The patient was scheduled for stent and calculus removal two months later and instructed to attempt natural passage of the stone during this period.

A case of multiple urinary calculi Sumithran P P – Indian J Res Homoeopathy

Author is thankful to Dr. Individuals with renal conditions such as polycystic kidney disease or renal tubular acidosis or metabolic syndromes are at increased risk.

Deciphering the source of pain is essential to appropriate management as mechanical pain may be relieved temporarily with manual therapy, however the underlying visceral pain is usually persistent srudy identified and further managed.

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case study urolithiasis answers