Immensity of disaster 2. Disruption of marketing systems. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Telecommunication system was disrupted initially People were requested to use messaging service instead of calling, so that emergency services can use the phone lines. The Federal Budget and Social Security. On 26 January , an earthquake struck the Kutch district of Gujarat at 8. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy.

Came down to Rs. Tertiary effects Affected Foreign mobile hospitals were operationalised within 24 hrs of their arrival. Abstract Earthquakes are hazardous to people and the economy. Earthquake related other flows. Set up by each state for financing natural calamity relief assistance earthquake, cyclone, flood etc.

The main objectives of the policy included repairing, building, and strengthening houses and public buildings. The policy established a community-driven sttudy recovery process. The final major social effect was that around stufy, Indian homes were destroyed resulting in around 2 million people being made homeless immediately following the quake. No inventory of buildings Non-engineered buildings Land and buildings Stocks and flows Reconstruction costs Rs.

Providing technical and technological inputs for drinking water. Interest receipts, irrigation receipts, and royalties were expected to remain largely unaffected.


Presented by – Abhishek R. Dangi M.Tech (DAM) MNIT, Jaipur

Telephone companies established emergency lines and free call facilities after few hours. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. The obvious social impacts are that around 20, people were killed and nearwere injured. A city with a population ofin The city is in the region known as the Kutch region. Came down to Rs. The effects of the earthquake were also felt on the north side of the Pakistan border, in Pakistan 18 people were killed.

The earthquakf on total tax revenues was estimated at Rs crore, Rs crore, and Rs crore, in, and respectively. In AhmedabadGujarat’s commercial capital with a population of approximately 7 million according to data inas many as 50 multi-storey buildings collapsed and several hundred people were killed.

case study on bhuj earthquake ppt

Potential loss impacts include lives, homes, office buildings, manufacturing plants, schools. Safer Homes, Czse Communities: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A temporary Red Cross hospital remained in Bhuj to provide care while a replacement hospital was built.

case study on bhuj earthquake ppt

Injury leading to hospitalisation for more than one week: MayAcademy House, Seoul. Gujarat KutchIndia, M7. Retrieved 21 November On 26 Januaryan earthquake struck the Kutch district of Gujarat at 8.

Other objectives included the revival of the economy, health support, and reconstruction of the community and social infrastructure. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America.


Rehabilitation through military aid to civil authorities Coordinating activities of state and voluntary agencies Preparing contingency plans for crops, cattle preservation, nutrition and health measures.

Presented by – Abhishek R. Dangi (DAM) MNIT, Jaipur – ppt download

The quake was the worst in India in the last years. Total rehabilitation expenses were figured at Rs crore.

case study on bhuj earthquake ppt

A trauma etched in Gujarat’s memory — Times of India”. The area was once India’s most visited czse by tourists outside the central cities.

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These pushed together and caused the earthquake. Share buttons are a little bit lower. The earthquake killed between 13, and 20, people including 18 in southeastern Pakistaninjured anotherand destroyed nearlyhomes.