Here’s a handwritten copy of that letter. My ability in English grew and I developed confidence in my work. If you have any queries about republishing please contact us. Since publishing our story, we received a copy of an essay he wrote for a Thanksgiving program at the institute, which offers a first-person account of the hardships he faced in Bhutan and Nepal — and the hope he had for the move to America. And with many already settled in the US or other countries, many see leaving Nepal as a hope for a better future, especially for the younger generation.

Tears, smiles, and anxiety are mixed in with the suitcases marked with the names of those who are to begin a new life in the US. Thanks to international solidarity the refugee camps for the Nepalese are good camps as camps go — they offer schools for children, adult education, health services, etc. Here in the camps, life has been much better, especially with the help of international organisations. The resettlement programme for Bhutanese refugees in Nepal is one of the largest in the world, if not the largest. That’s just the tip of the iceberg: Louis, lived under terrible conditions at a refugee camp in Nepal. Neither of them can erase the smiles off their faces.

I often cried, fearing that my life would never change.

The International Institute was helping us to overcome our problems. Finally, we arrived at our destination in St. Tears, smiles, and anxiety are mixed in with the suitcases marked with the names of those who are to begin refgee new life in the US. A few years ago, a few Western countries offered resettlement as a durable solution. Most of them fled or were forced out.


Louis – North City ST.

Social Media Facebook Twitter Instagram. Now I have to face different problems, like language and culture. Although their faces turn pale during take-off, the fear is mixed with excitement on their first plane ride ever. Send feedback and tips to the author.

bhutanese refugee essay

I remember telling my father that I wanted to go back home and that I wish we never moved to the United States. The first batch of refugees arrived in the US inand although countries like Canada, Norway, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand also took some refugees, 80, of the 95, refugees resettled as of the end of February were bhutanwse shelter by the US. Outside the bus in Beldangi, everyone poses for one last photo which will be kept by those staying behind as a souvenir.

These days, most of the families departing for the US and other countries are joining relatives who have already resettled, making the transition to life abroad easier.

bhutanese refugee essay

For years, the money sent back to the camp by relatives who have already been resettled in other countries, has allowed refugees still living in the camp to open up businesses. But for them, excitement is mixed with sadness: We raised our voices to the government to return us to our home country but it was all in vain.

Share this Share on Twitter. This homicide comes just weeks after a Bosnian immigrant named Haris Gogic, nineteen, was shot and killed inside his St. My country is my family. Then due to the political situation, we were compelled to leave our country. Find out more and support our work here.

Photo essay: refugees from Bhutan

The place that had seemed so hopeless suddenly held a new meaning for me. After so many years spent in a refugee camp where they have had almost no opportunities for refugre and little prospects of bettering their lives, they know that adjusting to their new lives will be hard. For Dirga Bhutanee Dhakal, 71, and his wife Maya Duku, 65, the last few days before resettlement have been busy, with streams of relatives and friends visiting them to say goodbye, many of them sharing their memories of more than two decades.


We didn’t have citizenship or good jobs. Newsletters Never miss a beat Sign Up Now Subscribe now to get the latest news delivered right to your inbox. Years of negotiations to convince Bhutan to take back refuvee refugees bore no fruit.

bhutanese refugee essay

In September ofhe finally immigrated to the Rssay States with the hope of starting a new life for him and his family. Livelihood programs such as waving are rare and mostly done for internal consumption. Our family of six shared a cramped living space, with little privacy from the neighbors.

Photo essay: refugees from Bhutan | openDemocracy

Louis – Washington Avenue ST. Her grandson was born in Nepal. Traditional restaurants are found next door to more modern fast food ones, as shops specialising in recharging mobile phones, tailors and even a beauty salon occupy some of the empty houses that have been made vacant after their occupants were resettled abroad.