Just title, sentence description of argument, and contact info. Even less is required for the online systems. Do give a brief, largely non-technical summary of the method. No you must not submit an article manuscript to more than one journal at a time. It will address the editor by name, if the name is known. Assuming there are no instructions, the following is common:

Publishing your first article Tracy Perkins. But editors may not be aware of the nuances of various approaches to address a methodological problem and are more likely to reject a paper without peer review when the advance over previous work is not clear. Previous post How to write a rebuttal letter. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Skip to primary content.

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But it would be odd to introduce yourself in the way suggested here most journals do ask for a separate affiliations page, howeveror to suggest reviewers.

Thank you very much for this article. It will then have four short paragraphs. It is not simply an archaic form of communication that is becoming obsolete in a digital world; rather, it should be viewed as an opportunity to convey many important pieces of information about a paper to the editors.

A brief mention of when and where such a conversation occurred can help jog the memory of why we invited the authors to submit it in the first place. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Learn how your comment data is processed. The letter should be short to the point and emphasize the conceptual advance to the field. Articles involved were accepted, so it did not do any harm!

How To Write a Journal Article Submission Cover Letter

Actually, am a graduate student and this is my first paper to be published. I just think that expectations and practices surrounding this issue have shifted, at least in my field.

Our decisions are based on whether we think the paper will be a good editorial fit for the journal, not on the laurels of the authors or because someone important letfer the field suggested that they submit the work to Nature Methods And finally, a minor editorial pet peeve: It will address the xuthor by name, if the name is known. Home About Who is Dr. First, by all means follow any instructions given to you for the cover letter on the journal submission website!

Do mention any unusual circumstances. Assuming there are no instructions, the letrer is common: I will put this on my blog too, which I rarely update. ComputationalEditorialsFeaturedJournal Policy.

Do mention if you have previously discussed the work with an editor. Please note that the names of excluded reviewers should also be included in the relevant field of the online submission form.

How to get published… no really, somebody please tell me how Breaking Grad School.

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A good cover letter is a crucial part of the manuscript submission package to Nature Methods. As editors, we meet a lot of researchers at conferences and lab visits and many papers are pitched to us. It then vover that the writer is submitting a manuscript for review. Providing context for the paper in a cover letter not only can help the editors reach a quicker decision but also can sometimes tip the balance in favor of sending a borderline paper out for peer review.


At least, this has been my experience, with 5 articles already in print, all originally submitted as abstracts except one, an invited contribution. Previous post How to write a rebuttal letter.

It is considered appropriate to indicate what scholars in the field have read the manuscript in order to ensure blind review, correct? I agree with Michael Hoffman.

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I want to applaud Nature for helping emphasise that sound inference from observation is a cornerstone of science. Here are some practical tips for potential authors.

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The editor will always read the paper itself so long cover letters are usually redundant. I had no clue what a cover letter for a manuscript should look like. You need to log in or register to comment.