Sleeping wearing pantyhose

The wife and I sleep in pantyhose most nights of the week. Since I don't regularly have the opportunity to wear pantyhose throughout my work day, the evening (and weekends) is the only time I really get a chance to indulge. In fact, I would say that about half or more of the time I'm wearing pantyhose is. Sleeping in pantyhose the elephant in the room? Karla. Age: 22. Private CMT Latin Professional Masseuse Catering Tired Global Traveler's Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! Often I need to Ladies how many of you sleep in your pantyhose? Are these the same ones you wear during the day say for work for example or on a night out? Updates: I ask cuz several - at least 4 or 5 of them - slept with their pantyhose on. Usually it was the same ones they wore to work that week. Some said because it kept them warm. Lynn. Age: 26. When Was the Last Time Something or Someone Exceeded Your Expectations? How many of you girls sleep in pantyhose? (tights in the UK) I love to wear pantyhose to bed. After a good shower and leg shave I put on some lotion and put on a pair of pantyhose with no panties and a clan t shirt and go to bed. They make you legs feel so good and I sleep like a baby and wke up very stimulated in the morning. bobinphose. , M 1 Jul 28, Mar 22, - Julie was very tired and got ready for bed, but before I came into bed, she fell asleep above the covers. I couldn't resist getting the camera and taking a s.

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Alina. Age: 21. I am an adorable and gorgeous an upmarket model, with a great body. Dec 5, - What's wrong if you wear pantyhose to bed? I always put on pantyhose or tights in winter's cold nights! Sometimes I wear them even in spring and fall, with no pajamas but with a long t-shirt. If you're very cold, I suggest you to wear two pairs of pantyhose.. or to wear pantyhose under a footed pajamas! I do once in a while for my DH. He ends up feeling me up and fucking me most of the night? What brands do you wear? I find Donna Karan the most comfy and don't gather. If I wear thigh highs I always need a belt or they slide down. Its a turn on for me watching him got to bed with a hard on and waking up. Dec 22, - I love wearing pantyhose instead of pj bottoms. They give your legs a cozy feeling all night. At first I experienced extremely light sleep for about 5 days because of the feeling between the sheets. Now It just feels so good, I go to sleep with a smile on my face and I am sleeping as good if not better then in the.


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