There is more than meets the eye and Max be asured I am not bitter but sad for the people of Fiji. For Sukuna, ‘the true religion of the Fijian is the service to the chief’; he was cynical on the value of democracy, and as an aristocrat, remained skeptical about ‘how far ability can carry a man in modern society’. In the past there was a saying in the fijian custom that is recited in the yaqona ceremony, na tamata, na vanua , na lotu. Bainimarama was the best candidate as he was not tainted by the corrupt network going around creating an atmosphere of fear mongering amongst the various ethnic groups in Fiji. The same old parasites however emerged and continued to enjoy the perks of power. The military council is on top of your strategy coupforupointfive. How naive to believe every piece of infor on the news as gospel and stand on it as the truth.

Whether he is effectively in control is an academic and legal debate. Here are some historical facts: Two days later the Police Commissioner informed Ratu Mara that the Fiji Police Force could no longer guarantee the security of the nation. Menu The new deal did it end Charles beard framing constitution Mba essay questions and answers. Some people were just plain jealous. The reason why Mr Bainimarama was nominated to become the next Commander has been explained before by Rt Epeli sometime ago during an interview on FijiTV. Looking back at the CA judgment, the court was wrong in arriving at its decision, for shortly afterwards the Peoples Coalition Government broke into two factions — one led by Mr Chaudhry and the other by Dr Tupeni Baba.

He pointed out that ‘the dominance of customary chiefs in government is coming to an end’ and soon ‘aristocracy’ would be replaced by ‘meritocracy’. We have to lead on two points- hold back those who advocate radical changes for which we are not sufficiently educated and enliven the laggards before their ignorance destroys us”. Two days later the Police Aiyyaz informed Ratu Mara that the Fiji Police Force could no longer guarantee the security of the nation.


Some leading Alliance candidates demonstrated the resurgence of Fijian nationalism in a bewildering variety of pronouncements. What are the emotions or desires that the ad plays on with the consumer. He also warns that if the chiefs are planning to bring back the Qarase government, they will have another thing coming.

Traditional Authority in Colonial Era British colonial rule was established following the Deed of Cession in whereby Fiji became a possession and dependency of the British Crown. Therefore khaoyum historical reflection on village bylaws in Fiji may help guide our decisions on this matter. In other words, the people of Fiji, including the commoner Fijians, had exercised their democratic right to choose who should lead the Government of Fiji.

In the past there was a saying in the fijian custom that is recited in the yaqona ceremony, na tamata, na vanuana lotu.

Aiyaz sayed khaiyum thesis

Robertson, ‘the domination of the eastern chiefs particularly over the west, but it also resulted in the rise of a new type of bureaucratic chief, aware of the need to adjust to the demands of the colonial state if they were to achieve their class aims’. We shall never have such things imposed on our paramountcy…They [Indians] have tried to blackmail us with economic power.

I do not want to make enemies but to a ‘Kai Lau’ like me, if someone is against my chief he is also against me and my family right to the grave. Otherwise I cannot see how they have survived so far. Afterwards, the Commodore issued several decrees.

But the party was spoiled by Chaudary who labelled Reddy as selling out the Indians.

aiyaz khaiyum thesis

In the general election the Indo-Fijian leaders were accused of collaborating with the infamous ‘Four Corners’ programme on elections in Fiji which claimed that the present leaders of Fiji were descendants of the Fijian chiefs who ‘clubbed and ate their way to power’. Those events have a direct link to the coup. In the old colonial days, much of what was deliberated was often decided in advance by judicious consultation between the chiefs and the colonial administrators.


Some Fijian leaders questioned the wisdom of the Council of Chiefs, as a formal non-political institution, to sponsor a political party. I can still start it.

Fiji Coupfourpointfive: Khaiyum’s thesis rubbishes military yet manages to win over junta dictator

Accusing the ‘colonial’ chiefs of keeping the thrsis Fijians in political subjugation and economic morass, Dakuvula had personally challenged Rabuka on Fijian unity, specifically for his remarks during the two coups that ‘I want all the Fijian people to be on one side. First developments was the promulgation within the Metabolic process spearheaded using the very person that conducted coup according khxiyum an ideology of indigenous Fijian supremacy.

He was the person Speight was calling from Parliament and when he didn’t turn up, Speight himself became the leader of that coup. The chiefs in Fiji were the guardians of peace, he declared. What is sure is that a Rwanda or a Uganda is in the making if no resolution is found to the standoff between the chiefs and the military.

We belong to two different parties and we tesis different ideologies. Don’t insult their intelligence.

It worked against Aiyxz Chaudary but won’t work with this one. It is not possible for the two systems to operate in tandem successfully at national level. No need to send several copies of the same comments.

Moving on to coup and the subsequent selection of Qarase as interim PM, Bainimarama and Dr Jona Senilagakali both talked about it.

aiyaz khaiyum thesis

Vinaka vakalevu and blessings to you and your families. They will agree, they will compromise…whereas those who are not Chiefs in there tend to be very, very selfish. Whose interest does the village bylaw serve? On the other hand, the Chiefs themselves ‘must recognise that we live today in a basically democratic society, and that changes will have to come’.